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For our more "discerning" clientele, we have created a more personalized service designed to assist you in meeting your mate. The primary function of our site is to allow the user to order contact information directly and initiate communications with selected ladies, but now with our enhanced matchmaking service for marriage-minded clients the "Introduction Tour" service offers a much greater chance of success for meeting your partner in Matrimony.

Our introduction tour service involves One-on-One matchmaking, we do not do a "group" event. For the most basic package, you will be introduced ladies from our site during your stay in Santo Domingo. This complete package includes :


1 . One of our 4 translators, Laura, Yuliana, Miguel or Milka, fluent in English and Spanish, to be present during each of your introductions. This is a fun, light way to help "break the ice" on your first dates, which provides a more personal, warm first meeting.

2 . We make all the calls to the ladies to arrange the meeting times. Each woman will arrive at a different time. Typically you will meet 3 per day, one in the late morning, one for lunch, and one for dinner. We recommend you stay in Santo Domingo for at least 4 days. A longer stay could allow you to have time for second dates with your favorites.

3 . A pre-negotiated corporate discount with one of our hotel partners (see our Hotel Accomodations page for details) of up to 20% off the regular retail rate, OR you can stay at our new agency apartment in the upscale neighborhood of Bella Vista (see photos in the Hotel/Accomodations / Where to stay section) for an excellent rate.

4 . Pick up and drop off from airport service in our new 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee is offered with this package for an additional $55.

Step 1 : you select the Ladies you want to meet. We will do our best to help you in this process if you need additional information about the girls (has she been married before, her educational background, her job skills, any kids, etc).

Step 2 : we gather some biography information about you, your occupation, where you live, pictures of you in your environment, your hobbies, dreams, and most importantly, your intentions with your future wife (do you want kids? have you been married before?).

Step 3 : We will begin making the calls to the women to present you, and determine which ones are agreable to meet with you.

Step 4 : We report back to you, and you submit payment on the LatinRomantic checkout page by clicking on the BUY INTRODUCTION PACKAGE below.

Step 5 : Contact the airlines, book your round trip flight, report back to us with your travel dates and accomodation selection.



Platinum Introduction Membership 10 Personal Introductions : $395

Some recommendations :

If you do not speak spanish very well, the best compliment you can give to a girl is your DESIRE to learn, we recommend you order the "Michel Thomas" CDs from, they are by far the best, fastest, and easiest way to learn the basic rhythm of the language without any note-taking or memorization required.


Telephone calls: Download the latest version of SKYPE internet telephone software (available by clicking on the BLUE banner at the bottom of our main page or go to )


One Year unlimitied introductions and services : $995


Expand the possibilies.. what is the value of meeting Miss Right? The one to share forever with....? We have a highly exclusive package that is unmatched in the industry. Traditional matchmakers may charge thousands. With our ONE YEAR unlimited introductions, you will receive something above and beyond any other agency, we will introduce you to as many women as you want that meet your criteria, not only from OUR site, but from any competitors site as well. This of course applies to Latin Women in the D.R. and Colombia only. This package provides you with complete access to our staff. No matter how numerous your criteria may be, we place you on the priority and fast track to connect with and meet as many ladies as possible so that YOU can feel completely comfortable making a life decision : Marriage.

This is one on one introductions, which have been proven more effective than doing large group functions that can leave you dazed and confused, and also make the women feel like products at the supermarket. Each introduction is private, allowing her to feel special as well. The process is the same as our 10 women introduction package, but remains constant throughout the full year of your inscription, we notify you first of any possible new additions to the site and also allow you access to ladies who are still comtemplating joing our service. Love is a process, and sometimes more time is necessary, oh but it would be so great if all we needed is just a few dates with handful of girls to decide on who to marry.


We can complete your initial personal consultation either on the phone or in person. In your consultation, we will go over what it is you are looking for in a mate, and what type(s) of person you are attracted to.
During your personal consultation, we will discuss the various women we have on file from our website, and if necessary, women from competitors websites.

We have an extremely high success rate; nearly four out of five men get into a relationship with our service. LatinRomantic only admits two new male members into our service per month, which enables us to provide these members with an optimal level of personalized service.

Our staff of matchmakers have been certified each go through a thorough screening process, extensive testing and must follow the Latin Romantic system explicitly to ensure success. This Program is a trade secret that only LatinRomanticand staff are privy to.


Disclaimer : Latinromantic, Inc. is an exclusive and private matchmaking service. Our Lady members are selected after an exhaustive interview and investigation of personal information submitted for review. Latinromantic reserves the right to deny anyone these services. Latinromantic offers a variety of services. Not all individuals will qualify for the range of dating and matchmaking services offered by the Latinromantic. Payment of the fees does not guarantee that the Latinromantic will undertake to assist you in your search for a suitable life partner. Those who would apply for the unique services offered by the Latinromantic are accepted as a client only after the management is satisfied that there is a reasonable probability that the service can be effective. Even then there is no express or implied warranty that a life partner can or will be found. Results will vary. Clients understand that a suitable date for him/her may not be located in close proximity to that member. As such members understand that he/she may be required to travel some distance to meet the prospective date. Should the client refuse to travel to meet the recommended date, the client hereby agrees that Latinromantic cannot be held responsible for that client's failure to find a suitable date/partner. Based upon the experience of its past success, Latinromantic can only show you the way to find the life partner you are searching for. Introduction Packages start as of the effective date as set forth in each clients written agreement. Latinromantic does not guarantee results. Clients are responsible for following all rules and guidelines of the club, this includes following the Latinromantic Code of Conduct. Should the client choose to not follow the rules and guidelines of Latinromantic, the member hereby agrees that Latinromantic cannot be held responsible for that client's failure to find a suitable date/partner. Introduction Packages expire at the end of the term as set forth in client's written agreements, whether or not they have used their Introduction Package and/or related services. Latinromantic will not grant an extension of Introduction Packages and/or related services under any circumstances. Latinromantic has a no refund policy for Introduction Packages. Payments are non refundable. Latinromantic is a private matchmaking service and has the right to refuse service to anyone. Latinromantic does NOT pay for photos submitted and is NOT responsible for LOST, STOLEN or PIRATED photos. Photos that are sent to us via mail are not returnable. Submitting a photo and application does NOT guarantee admittance into the service, nor does it guarantee a match, or your photo on the website. Professional photos are encouraged. A referral to a photographer, a photography service or any service, company, individual or website by the Latinromantic for ANY service or item (including photos) does not guarantee admittance into the service nor the item or service that was referred.

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